I Need Your Help

I know I haven’t posted in a while but that’s not because we haven’t been busy! In fact it’s quite the opposite. We were able to have our first board meeting last month, and we’re working on getting the website up and running as I type this! When that happens, well, that’s it! That’s the […]

Today is Kaitlyn’s birthday!

Today is a special day, because today is Kaitlyn’s birthday! In fact, today would have been her 30th birthday. I had the fortune of being with her for 10 of them and every one of them was truly special. I’ve been thinking about her past birthdays a lot this week. I’ve tried to remember all […]

Merry Christmas from Hope against Hope!

The other day I was standing with some friends in the workroom at church, and they were listening to worship music on one of their phones. I was telling them a story about something I can’t even remember now, probably something that ended with a laugh at my expense because I’m known to be a […]

Today is Mine and Kaitlyn’s anniversary

Today is mine and Kaitlyn’s anniversary. We would have been married for ten years today, and it’s a little tough to write this knowing that she isn’t here to read it. I feel like every time I’ve written something in the past it’s been for me, or even for the benefit of others. This one […]

It’s been one year since Kaitlyn passed away

It’s been one year since Kaitlyn passed away. One year since I laid awake writing through tears, what I would post on here to let everyone know. Such a surreal moment etched in my memory. It certainly doesn’t feel like a year though. I feel like the wound has only just begun to heal. How […]

Shortly Before Kaitlyn Passed Away

About a year ago, shortly before Kaitlyn passed away, I was sitting next to her in our living room. She was in her recliner, and I was in one of our dining room chairs. Earlier in the night some precious ladies and dear sweet friends had joined her for a night of worship. I slipped […]


I’ve been going on vacation to the same place now ever since Kaitlyn and I got married, and every year we would go on a date together. Just the two of us. Most of the time we kept it simple on vacation dates. We would go for walks at the yacht club, dinner at a […]

April is always a great month for me

Well, April is always a great month for me, both mentally and spiritually! Spring is in full swing, the days are finally longer, the student ministry begins prepping for our annual student led worship night, and the busyness of winter peaks and then wanes to a manageable routine. I love this time of year, because […]

6 Months

The 28th marked six months since Kaitlyn passed away. Half a year… It’s crazy to think that it’s been so long, but at the same time, I miss her like I haven’t seen her in a lifetime. It somehow simultaneously feels like it was just yesterday, and also like it’s already been several years. Over […]

A Lot of Firsts

Over the last several months, the family and I have experienced a lot of firsts without Kaitlyn. At the beginning of November, I struggled through our 9th anniversary. Later, we all supported one another on Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and New Year’s. Last month, we celebrated her 29th birthday without her, cake and all. I used […]

Today is Kaitlyn’s birthday

Today is Kaitlyn’s birthday. She would have been 29 today. I’ve been trying to remember for a little while now what I got for her last year, and I can’t. It seems so important to me that I do, but for whatever reason the day seems to be lost to me. I don’t even remember […]

One of the hardest things

One of the hardest things to do when you lose a loved one is clean out their closet. Do you throw the clothes away, give them to a family member, or take them to goodwill? On top of that, just going through them is an emotionally tough task in itself. Fortunately though, a very dear […]

Scattering Ashes

Most of the time, when I write, I put my headphones in and turn on some music. Yes, I understand that makes me a coffee shop and a scarf away from being a stereotype but I don’t wear scarves and I rarely drink coffee so I’m safe for now. What I listen to is usually […]

Nice to meet you!

I’m Tim, Kaitlyn’s husband. Man, I’ve heard that a lot over the last year and a half or so. Mostly from strangers, “Hello, are you Kaitlyn’s husband? You don’t know me but I keep up with y’alls story on Facebook. I’m praying for you guys.” Countless people that I don’t know have prayed for me […]