One of the hardest things

One of the hardest things to do when you lose a loved one is clean out their closet. Do you throw the clothes away, give them to a family member, or take them to goodwill? On top of that, just going through them is an emotionally tough task in itself. Fortunately though, a very dear friend told me about Project Repat.
They take old T-s

hirts and turn them into blankets! It was so perfect because I knew I would eventually have to go through Kaitlyn’s clothes but I was dreading the idea. Doing it with a purpose other than cleaning made it so much easier though! It gave me a goal to accomplish rather than just a task to complete. Knowing that at the end I would have an amazing gift for Dave and Tracy that would carry emotion and be treasured for a lifetime helped drive me forward. That’s not to say it wasn’t tough though. One of the things you have to do to prep the shirts is separate the front from the back.. like cut them.. in half… Man, that was tough! One night I sat on my couch with a pile of her shirts next to me and through tears cut them all one by one.
The end product was worth every bit of it though!
If you are ever interested in having one made, know that they are very cautious with your treasured shirts and make the instructions very clear to minimize any chance of harming them. They really seem to care about taking your memories and doing the best job at sewing them into an amazing blanket! Whether you have one made for yourself or as a gift it’s gonna turn out great!
Merry Christmas Dave and Tracy! 🎄

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