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It Doesn’t Look Good is a podcast brought to you by Hope Against Hope! “It doesn’t look good” is a phrase that we’ve all heard sometime or another. Whether it was from a doctor, teacher, or even a mechanic, we all know that bad news follows. However, this podcast is all about how God can use even the most broken situations for His glory and our good! Over the course of the first season, we talk to a lot of people that have heard “It doesn’t look good,” and we hear how God gave them hope in the midst of some of the most difficult seasons of life. Subscribe today wherever you get your podcast!


Lauren is a youth girls small group leader, dance teacher, therapist, and director of a Non-profit, among many other things.  Today she’s going to tell us about her struggle with an eating disorder and how God can free us, even from the things that we think we’ll have to struggle with for our entire lives! […]

Andriy & Sandi

Today Andriy and Sandi talk to us about how fully surrendering to God allows us to have peace in any situation I hope that their story and their transparency will help to teach you to live a fully surrendered life even when you want to be in control!

Jennifer Part 2

This week we pick up where we left off with part 2 of Jennifer’s story. If you haven’t listened to Part 1 yet, go listen to it now!

Jennifer Part 1

Today we get to hear from my good friend Jennifer! This is part 1 of a 2 part episode where she tells us how she trusted God and believed in His plan for her life even when she didn’t fully understand what that plan was. Join us again next week for part 2!

Mason & Missy

Season two is well underway and in this episode I got to sit down with Mason and Missy Lewis! They’re some of my closest friends and two of the nicest people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. Today they’re going to tell us about their struggle with infertility, anxiety surrounding adoption, and the ability […]

The Little Rock Batman

Dressed as one of the world’s most iconic comic book characters, The Little Rock Batman uses cosplay to bring joy and he finds ways big and small to help his community whether he’s visiting homeless shelters or delivering Christmas gifts to kids in need. What many people wouldn’t guess is that he almost lost his life […]

It Doesn’t Look Good – Season 2 Trailer

In season 2 we hear from several different guests about their “It doesn’t look good situations. From chronic illness, and catastrophic sickness, to infertility and eating disorders but all of them had a common theme; God shows up, gives us hope, and provides us with purpose. You’ll see just that as we release each episode […]


Meredith worked very hard to receive her teaching degree and that work was met by many obstacles along the way. She lost her father in law during the first six months of her marriage, her sister (My wife, Kaitlyn) was diagnosed with stage four cancer, and she failed to pass a portion of the praxis […]

Chad & Jai

At the age of two Harper was diagnosed with a rare tumor in and around her lungs. Her parents, Chad and Jai sat down with me this week to talk about how watching their little girl fight a life threatening illness took a toll on them as parents. They explain how the experience has strengthened […]


In 2015 Charles suffered a seizure that caused a three year gap in his memory. On today’s episode he tells us how isolated he felt during the experience, how the enemy tried to convince him that he was alone, and how he overcame the obstacles that the gap in his memory created.   If you […]